25 Kazakhstani companies presented their products in the Chinese market. Representatives of more than 120 companies from Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Shanxi and China’s other regions pointed out the high quality of products and agricultural goods produced in Kazakhstan. In particular, the Chinese businessmen showed great interest in the fish and caviar produced in Atyrau, honey and pantocrinum from the East Kazakhstan region, flour from Southern Kazakhstan and horse meat from Aktobe. The organic products without artificial additives are in high demand in the neighboring countries’ markets. Kazakhstan and China in recent years have expanded cooperation in production and processing of agricultural products. According to experts, such food fairs are beneficial to both parties. After all, Kazakh entrepreneurs received opportunity to export their products to new markets and additional channels. 


About 40-80 people came to see our products. Each of them learned how to make products, transportation, and its cost and at what price it can be sold in China. Now we are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.

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