Kazakhstan intends to increase exports of meat and wheat to the markets of China and the Eurasian Economic Union. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the next five years, with a gradual increase, Kazakhstan will export to the EAEU countries 30,000 tons of beef and another 40,000 tons will export to China. 480,000 tons of crops will be exported to the EAEU countries. Grain exports to China are targeted to total 1 million tons. According to the ministry, Kazakhstan has a great potential in production of organic food products, largely due to the historically low level of chemicals application in its soil, as well as due to large area of ​​grazing lands. In this regard, Kazakhstan plans to take a strong position in foreign markets.


In the primary analysis, we have chosen the priority countries, where we plan to enter the markets of agricultural products. This is primarily the EAEU countries' markets, including Russia, also China, India, Central Asia and the Middle East. Today in Kazakhstan, there are 29 manufacturers of organic products, which use more than 300,000 hectares of land that are already certified to the requirements of organic qualities.

The export center of agro-industrial complex that will be established on the basis of Food Corporation will help agricultural manufacturers enter the foreign markets. The center will be aimed at establishment of the supply networks for demanded products, services on trade financing and insurance of export contracts.

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