The athletic village of 2017 Universiade is ready to receive athletes from 57 countries. The village provides all necessary facilities for athletes - outpatient health centers, laboratory and diagnostic unit, pharmacy, rooms for rehabilitation and reconstruction activities, physiotherapy and massage parlor. In addition, the spiritual and cultural centers, beauty salons are available in the village. A specialized museum opened in the athletic village, where foreign guests will be able to learn everything about the Kazakh folk instruments. Amre Kashaubayev’s dombyra and Zhusupbek Elebekov’s favorite instrument, Shashubai Koshkarbaiuly’s syrnay and Smatai Umbetov’s kyl-kobyz are displayed at the museum. According to the directorate of the Universiade 2017, the athletic village can receive as many as 5,000 people in time. The residential accommodation is prepared for guests. As in hotels they will be provided with all comfortable services.



There are 1,748 apartments. We are confident to receive 5,000 people, and we are already ready to meet the guests.


The 28th World Winter Universiade will be held in Almaty from January 29 to February 8, 2017. The competitions are expected to be attended by about 2,000 athletes.

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