25 pictures for the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence: Astana hosted the personal exhibition by the famous Kazakh artist Aktoty Smagulova - the winner of Kazakhstan’s Youth Union award, holder of the Presidential art development scholarship and the participant of various international workshops. The experts praise her ability to create artistic compositions.



My exhibition is devoted to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. I have been drawing pictures for 25 years therefore the exhibition is named ‘25+25’. My works are mainly about our ancestors but I also try to open other topics for myself, other genres for my art.



Her works are the illustration of the Kazakh history, the way of life, not only Kazakh but also oriental way of life. All her paintings are imbued with oriental, sacred spirit. The palette of colors, combination of colors: everything is at a high level.


Many artists from neighboring counties are inspired by the unique style of Aktoty Smagulova. According to critics, Aktoty has enriched Kazakh painting, brought in her own style and unveiled all the wealth of the national character.

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