The musical play ‘Magic Show’ based on the popular cartoon ‘Frozen’ was premiered in Astana. Ukrainian director Andrey Eremin directed the play. According to the director, this is not a franchise of the Broadway musical, but an original arrangement, which takes spectators into a wonderful fairy tale about the heart touching story of two princess sisters. The plot tells about the eldest of sisters Elsa, who has an incredible power to freeze everything she touches. The mystery of her magic was revealed, and she had only to escape from the castle. Adventures begin with the younger sister Anna, who sets off on an epic journey to find her estranged sister. Spectators along with the characters experience all the events, trying to save the world from eternal winter and melt Elsa’s icy heart. The project involves 65 artists, among them there are professional dancers and theater actors. It took eight years to realize the idea of ​​creating a musical performance. The project was prepared in six months. The musical production features the most modern theatrical technologies of 3D-visualization, exclusive costumes, original decoration, that allow to reanimate the cartoon.



We used stage backdrops. We decorated every scene, as if it was a real cartoon. People find themselves in the fragments of the animated film.

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