Turkish businessmen are ready to invest in Kazakhstan. This was announced at a business forum in Istanbul, which was attended by about 100 representatives of business communities. 30 of them have already been in Kazakhstan, and are well aware of the local industrial zones; therefore, they are confident in their investment attractiveness. For example, the company Ozbek Gida has already completed the construction of a large greenhouse complex in Almaty. The company Sa plans to establish textile production in Kazakhstan Istanbul next year. Currently, about 1,600 companies with Turkish capital are operating in Kazakhstan.



With the support of the National Agency KAZNEX INVEST, this year in Almaty the factory was opened that will produce building materials made of rubber. At present, enterprises manufacturing pipes are using our products. At first we had problems with the processing of raw materials. But now, all problems are solved. High investment potential of Kazakhstan and the large market of the Eurasian Economic Union are attractive enough.

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