Chinese magazine "Encyclopedic Knowledge" published an article about Kazakhstan. Its author is a young journalist Liu Wanxiang, who wrote about the achievements of Kazakhstan in 25 years of Independence and important state decisions taken by the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. He admitted that economic and diplomatic successes of Kazakhstan gave reason to writing this article. The author was surprised that Kazakhstan, in such a short time, has successfully implemented various reforms, while maintaining the internal stability. According to Liu Wanxiang, having rejected its nuclear arsenal, Kazakhstan has proved that the whole world can live without this terrible weapon.



The world should thank Kazakhstan for this decision, because that decision made it possible to ensure the security of the whole region. Perhaps, if Kazakhstan did not give up nuclear weapons, the country’s relations with the neighboring countries would be different. It could become a conflict region. Nursultan Nazarbayev said that the “XXI century is the century of the economy, and we want to live in a peaceful life”, calling the people to friendship and unity. He ensured the peace not only to his people but to the entire world. Of course, this is a great achievement for the Kazakh President.

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