Young and ambitious designers of Kazakhstan will present their collections at the international ‘Roma Fashion Week’ in Italy next year. Three designers were selected after the trade-show ‘Fashion Startup Kazakhstan’, which was held in Astana. The project is aimed at finding talented designers and the development of light industry. So, 11 fashion designers demonstrated their works at a closed fashion show. An important condition for the participants was to present the collection of commercial value that can compete with foreign brands.



This is an alternative to all the fashion weeks, fairs. Its first aim is to raise the level of fashion industry in Kazakhstan. Its development must take place according to a professional scheme, which we offer: fashion-show - showroom - order.


A graduate of Astana School of Design Yekaterina Kovalevskaya is among the representatives of Kazakhstan at Fashion Week in Rome. The young woman had been knitting since she was six years old. A distinctive feature of her collection is a successful combination of different materials.



I experiment with fabric and knitwear. It’s all handmade knitwear. All patterns are made by hand. I believe that this is the uniqueness of the collection. And it is designed for people of all ages.


Designer Assel Kudaibergenova will also attend the Fashion Week in Rome. Her ready-to-wear collection is designed primarily for business women. An interesting fact is that Assel an ecologist. She is currently studying at the graduate school of the People's Friendship University of Russia, however that did not hinder her designer’s career. On contrary, somewhere it helps combine these spheres. The designer always tries to use organic materials in her works.



My collection is laconic and minimalistic. It is based on simplicity, clarity. Soft tones and colors are used. Basically, cream-colored, pale pink and classic black are used.


All collections of Fashion startup Kazakhstan project participants were showcased in a special showroom. The work aroused great interest, among buyers and Astana’s fashionistas.  This means that the formula ‘fashion-show - show-room – order’ has proven its effectiveness.



Every collection is different. They have their own style, a character, a combination of colors and the combination of textures. I think they will be of interest not only to our customers.


Fashion Startup Kazakhstan will now be held in Astana twice a year. The organizers hope that the project will help bring the country’s fashion industry to an absolutely new level, as well as establish cooperation between local designers and manufacturers.

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