Astana residents now have the opportunity to see fascinating and mysterious underwater world. Almaty photographer Nadezhda Kulagina is displaying her personal exhibition in Astana, including unique photos of marine fauna. Few people know that Nadezhda is a translator by profession. But the fascinating underwater world once and forever has captured her heart.



I started diving in 2009 and taking pictures in 2010. Before that I used to take simple photos. Previously, I had experience with the camera. But when I started diving, I realized that the underwater world is so beautiful that I want to share it with others.


To take great pictures, Kulagina has dived in the waters off the coast of Greece, the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, and the Cayman Islands. The photographer presented her best works of the 10 years at the exhibition. The photos feature athletes, synchronized swimmers dressed as mermaids and abandoned ships. ‘The closer to the water surface, the brighter the photos’ Nadezhda says. Capturing some of the underwater artifacts in a photograph is much more challenging that it may seem



Thistlegorm is a British cargo ship that was blown up by the Germans during the World War II. It lies at a depth of about 30 meters. Diving deeper is necessary to reach the wreckage. There are ships in the Pacific Ocean, which lie at a much greater depth. But they are all victims of the World War II.


Nadezhda Kulagina’s photographer talent has attracted the attention of some publications. Unique photos have been published on the pages of international publications such as the National Georgraphic, Telegraph News and some are kept in private collections. In addition, the photographer was awarded prizes at prestigious international competitions - the ‘Golden Turtle’ and ‘Golden Dolphin’.

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