Kazakh government put the task to make the country a transport corridor between Europe and Asia. According to the Minister of Investments and Development Zhenis Kassymbek impressive results are achieved in this sphere. 5,000 km of highways have been renovated, more than 1,700 km of railways have been constructed, airports and sea port in Aktau have been modernized. This work during five years allowed Kazakhstan to climb 19 points in the global competitiveness index in the quality of infrastructure category.


By the end of the year, the first launch complexes of Kuryk port and Almaty-Shu railway lines will be commissioned. Construction of highway ‘Borzhakty-Yersai’, ‘Dry Port’, the infrastructure on the territory of Khorgos - Eastern Gate special economic zone has also been completed. The task is now to develop container transport. This year the volume of transit containers on Asia-Europe route through Kazakhstan will be higher by 100 times than the level of 2011.



The company implements projects on formation of internal and external networks of transport and logistics centers, on formation and distribution of freight traffic in the Eurasian continent. External terminal network will be developed in 2017-2019 along the distribution stations of freight flows in China, Russia, Central Asian countries, Turkey, Persian Gulf states, India and Europe. The implementation of all these projects will ensure 22,000 new jobs.


There is also progress in aviation. Next year, eight new flights to Prague, Helsinki, Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest and other European cities will be opened. In 2019, air links will be launched to Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, and a year later to New York. In general, by 2020, according to the Kazakh Minister of Investments and Development, it is planned to increase the transit container shipments across Kazakhstan by 10 times, passenger traffic – by 3 times, increase capacity of sea ports up to 24 million tons of cargo and repair 7,000 km of roads.

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