Resounding success followed the tour of the youngest puppet theater of Kazakhstan in Europe. Astana troupe gave a performance as part of the training conference, which was attended by more than 20 puppet theaters from across the world. Kazakh actors were the only representatives from the CIS. Meanwhile, the colorful national performances aroused strong interest among the European audience, so the Kazakh theater troupe in addition to training had to perform in Paris and Barcelona.



We were welcomed warmly, because we represent a different school. Europeans are working in a different style. They do not use decoration, they use more special effects. Greater attention is paid not to brightness of the performance, but to details. We have a traditional school. But our school is still closer to our children.


Puppet Theatre of Astana was founded in December 2010. Its opening was one of the remarkable events in the cultural life of the capital. And the theater proved its relevance. During the short time of work, the young puppet theater has received numerous awards. A talented creative team managed to win the love of the audience of all ages. According to the director of the theater, this will enhance their performance and give opportunity to reach out to international spectators.



We held the first international festival of puppet theaters ‘Kuralay’, which was attended by 14 theaters, further we have formed joint association ‘Eurasia Puppet’. We signed a memorandum on general work, within which experience, creative plans and tour trips can be shared.


According to the participants of Astana theater troupe, they always represent the traditional Kazakh performances on tours and make emphasis on bright puppets and decorations. Thus, the artists want to acquaint visitors with the traditions and culture of our country.



This trip has given a lot of useful and good experience. Children welcomed our play warmly. We staged the play ‘Tumbleweed’, which was also performed at several festivals. We showed children our traditions, culture and there were our traditional cups, spoons, chapan, headwear, it was very interesting for them. They saw a completely different nationality, the different culture, they have not seen before.


Presently, the repertoire of Astana Puppet Theater includes not only the plays of ancient legends and fairy tales, but also foreign original works. The artists plan even a few surprises for residents and visitors of the international exhibition EXPO-2017.  The theater is preparing a unique present and plans to hold Puppet Carnival with participation of creative collectives from 50 countries.



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