Kazakhstan’s goods are finding new sales markets. Its unique landscapes and traditions are winning the hearts of many foreigners. To discover cultural peculiarities of the Kazakh people and see all the corners of the huge country, two largest international magazines ‘National Geographic’ and ‘National Geographic Traveler Russia’ will publish articles, essays, travel notes and photos about Kazakhstan. Magazines will also organize different competitions. For instance, an international award called ‘National Geographic Traveler Awards’, where people can vote the best tourist destinations of the year. At the end of the competition, the magazine will publish the ranking. The previous competition included 23 nominations, one of which is titled ‘Kazakhstan: The time of discoveries’. In addition, the winner of another competition “Kazakhstan: Future Energy’ will join the best photographer of the National Geographic Traveler Russia in an expedition.



There is an interest towards Kazakhstan. We will continue to write about Kazakhstan. Indeed, there is a lot of information to tell about this country, there are many interesting destinations. Concerning, the frequency, the ‘National Geographic Traveler’ is published once in two months, the ‘National Geographic’ is published monthly. Articles will be published in both publications and internet edition is also available.

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