Almaty students can now study and do business at the same time. A business incubator has been opened for them in one of the local universities. Students submitted 200 business projects which were developed in cooperation with faculty who already have experience in starting their own businesses. 27 projects were selected and have already been launched. The majority of startups are focused on development of innovative technologies. The authors of these projects can sell their products and commercialize their ideas through business incubators. The local universities are looking into providing more scholarships and grants for the authors of promising business ideas.



Kazakhstan’s universities are on the way to transformation now. Education should not be merely theoretical. It is important to involve students in building their career early on. We want to find innovative ways of doing so, to create incentives for students to get involved. This will contribute to development of research and scientific progress. Moreover, some of the students will be able to commercialize the products. 

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