International Food Festival was held at the UN headquarters in New York. Kazakh dastarkhan attracted lots of attention. Spanish, Turkish and South-East Asian cuisines were exquisite and rightfully popular. However, spouses of Kazakh diplomats tried their best to withstand the competition. They prepared delicious pastries, snacks and traditional pilaf served on a wooden Kazakh plate astau.



I am here to enjoy the Kazakh food. I love it very very much and I used to eat a lot of Kazakh food in each event is doing here. I wish you a lot of peace. Congratulations!


The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and his wife welcomed the festival participants. They quickly observed each table but lingered at the Kazakh dastarkhan a little longer. Ban Ki-moon spoke with one-year-old Azamat and Aruana, he was charmed by the smallest participants representing Kazakhstan. Toddlers attracted other guests of the festival with colorful traditional clothes.



Kazakhstan for a quarter of a century celebration, it’s very important, and also I congratulate Kazakhstan for promotion, they pick you in in UN. The food is wonderful. I enjoyed it very much. In different events I taste Kazakh food. And also congratulate Kazakhstan for being elected at the UN Security Council.


Apart from various cuisines, small children were the key participants who attracted lots of attention and made the event more special.

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