Kazakhstan is actively preparing for Expo-2017. Expo volunteers are being selected throughout the country. The focus is made on language skills. To learn a language is not a problem in the modern world. There is a growing number of methods to facilitate language acquisition. French and German Embassies in Kazakhstan have chosen the most unusual approach. To trigger interest in learning French and German languages, the diplomatic missions organized live performances by young musicians. To mark the European day of Languages, the embassies in collaboration with the French Alliance and the Goethe Institute invited French-German hip hop band Zweierpasch/Double Deux to Astana.



The idea of this event is to convey that multilingualism erases boundaries between countries. As for cultural collaboration, we have a Goethe Institute in Kazakhstan. It is our cultural ambassador. Recently, the Institute has launched a very interesting project ‘Urban corners’, this is a mobile application that can be easily downloaded to find interesting places in the city connected with Expo theme.


Soloists of the Franco-German hip-hop band are loyal to their motto "two voices - two languages." Their duet was formed at the border between France and Germany; therefore their songs combine French and German languages. Twin brothers Till and Felix Neumann promote cultural exchange through music. The duo's songs are distinguished by a good rhyme, relevance and a unique style that combines such modern streams as hip-hop, funk, jazz and reggae.



We brought a new song to Kazakhstan that was recorded especially for this tour. This song is about love to a girl, to a country, travelling, countries we don’t know about. Although we already learnt some things about Kazakhstan, we liked this country a lot and its culture, we need to say that the Kazakh band performed with us on one stage in the tour. So we can say we are virtually the Franco-German-Kazakh project.

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