Kazakhstan is famous for its natural beauty. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world come to Kazakhstan for this reason. Many of them are attracted to the unique symbiosis where nomadic traditions are combined with the modern lifestyle and oriental splendor intertwines with the modern minimalism. New tourism destinations and resorts are being created in Kazakhstan to make the country even more attractive for tourists. Southern Kazakhstan will soon have a new resort town. All necessary infrastructures, such as swimming pools, children’s attractions, sports facilities and shopping centers will be built on 600 hectares of land. Express trains and passenger buses will be launched once the infrastructure is put into operation. The project was discussed during the International Tourist Forum held in Shymkent. Seven memorandums have been signed to develop the resort. Another European style town will be created in Aksu-Zhabagaly national park. It is famous for its unique flora and fauna. Many sites are still untouched by humans.  The local authorities say that development of beach tourism is another promising prospect. Foreign entrepreneurs are ready to invest in these projects. They believe that the project will be profitable. After all, over one million tourists visit Southern Kazakhstan every year



The future of South Kazakhstan of the Silk Road and to prepare the especial that Turkestan was special area and, also that the spa areas and huge special places what we have. We have projects like how we can bring them.

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