In order to successfully attract investments and promote Kazakhstani goods, a good country image is important. This is why Kazakhstan is currently choosing a national logo, a distinctive symbol distinguishing domestic products among all the other competitors. The country brand will also serve as an effective advertising tool. A visually appealing logo serving the country a good image will ultimately help attract not only foreign investments but also foreign tourists, the Kazakh officials believe. In fact, the country brand - is not just a logo, it is a large-scale, sophisticated image-state strategy for profitable position in the eyes of the world community. Designers and artists have already developed hundreds of logos and entered the competition with nearly a thousand applications. Kazakhstanis are choosing the best national logos by voting on the website of the Ministry of Information and Communication via SMS messaging. Voting will last until November 4. According to the Kazakh Minister of Information and communications Dauren Abaev, the first stage of the competition will determine the best five logos. The images must reflect all the unique features of Kazakhstan. The winning logo may be used along with other trademarks of the domestic goods.



Country branding affects the investment and tourist inflows. Good brands promote the producing county’s entire image. That is why we have turned to the public to help us decide with their vision of the country’s branding. After we gather the public opinion, the expert council finally will work on the results.

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