Talented Kazakh sportsmen, actors and film directors are promoting the country's image abroad. To meet the Kazakh film industry experts and share the latest global trends in cinematography, famous American documentary filmmaker James Redford visited Kazakhstan. American producer and director James Redford met with the students of the Kazakh National University of Arts. The American filmmaker is also an environmentalist. His concern over social and environmental issues has served as a theme and plot for many of his documentaries. His documentary films have multiple times been presented at Sundance festival and aired on American HBO channel. This time his films were presented in Kazakhstan.



I will be showing Paper Tigers which looks at high school in the United States that has figured out a very effective way to educate students who are tough. My other film is called Resilience and it looks at the science behind the understanding how bad experiences for children affect their brains and their bodies when they grow up and may have health problems.


A good documentary should always raise the awareness of people on important issues, Redford believes. In his opinion, a good documentary should lead to a shift in thinking and motivation to action. He also believes that now is the golden age for documentaries. Thus, finding a unique style of communicating a message to the target audience is important, Redford says.



This meeting gives us a big push for creative development and cultural knowledge. James Redford’s film about the problems of teenagers is very interesting. It resonates with many, with the lives of many, the lives of our loved ones and friends. Documentaries can be really powerful, as they talk about actual problems, actual reality.



Documentaries are an interesting genre, often reflecting the state of an entire country and nation. Knowing the tolls of how to shoot a good documentary is a powerful knowledge of great importance for our students.


Applying creativity in documentary filmmaking was a real revelation both for students and working film directors. As for James Redford, the workshop was an excellent opportunity to speak with the people of Kazakhstan and hear their impressions on his works.

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