Kazakhstan’s first national satellite television channel Kazakh TV has launched a new season. The broadcaster presented its new logos and schedule on its birthday, October 25th. The official launch was held at the famous Kazmedia center with participation of the Kazakh Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev. The Minister noted the importance of promoting Kazakhstan’s image internationally. He emphasized that Kazakh TV today is one of the effective instruments of increasing Kazakhstan’s recognition abroad.



I am confident that the rebranding of Kazakh TV will improve the quality of the production and correspondingly build a larger viewership. Thus, the channel’s broadcast grid has been changed. News programs have been reduced by 15%. Nowadays, the latest news can be found on the Internet and on News agencies’ websites. Therefore, the focus will be made on promotional programs about culture, economics and unique nature of Kazakhstan. They will be interesting not only for foreigners but also for our citizens.


Kazakh TV and Bilim zhane Madeniet channels have been merged under one brand Kazakh TV. The broadcaster offers English and Kazakh television content for its viewers outside Kazakhstan. Local viewers will have access to content in Kazakh and Russian languages. The channel’s logo and design have also changed in the new season.



The logo shows succession. We had a logo with an eagle between the words Kazakh and TV. That was the President’s idea. Here we see the eagle that is more to the side. The text font has been changed too. We had different options. We have chosen this one. We have consulted an expert, the idea he offered seemed quite interesting. It traced the connection with history. So the font resembles runic letters.


According to the management of the channel, the new season will surprise the viewers with new and interesting projects. But the channel's mission remains the same – to show the world the authenticity of Kazakhstan.

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