Kazakhstan is becoming increasingly attractive for Greece. Kazakhstan is one of Greece’s major trading partners in Central Asia. Last year, the trade turnover between the countries totaled $1.4 billion. Greek businessmen are interested in Kazakhstan’s transit potential and its access to the Eurasian market with its 180 million consumers. During the years of independence, several dozen joint ventures have been established in Kazakhstan. Today the bilateral economic relations are shifting to a new level. At the business forum in Astana, Greek investors and entrepreneurs have expressed interest in joint projects in various sectors.



Green energy, renewable energy specifically is a very important sector for collaboration. But we also believe that there are many opportunities in food and food processing, in tourism, of course, in services in many different ways, in logistics, in transport. And so you see that there are so many different opportunities we can work. Also we believe that there are a lot of opportunities for Greek companies to establish manufacturing branch inside Kazakhstan.


Greek businessmen have interesting and mutually beneficial proposals. The president of a well-known Evexia rehabilitation center in Greece is ready to open a new clinic in Kazakhstan. $10 million may be invested in the new medical facility.



We are engaged in medical rehabilitation. And in Kazakhstan, this service is in demand. There are all the necessary conditions to establish a joint rehabilitation center in Kazakhstan. Local residents primarily will appreciate and benefit from this.


In addition, Kazakhstan and Greece are deepening cultural ties. This is facilitated by the similarity of cultures and a common history. In 1940’s, 60,000 Greeks were deported to Kazakhstan from other regions of the Soviet Union. Therefore, the friendship between the two nations is particularly strong. Recently, Kazakh ballet troupe performed on of the major theatre stages in Athens. Almaty’s Abai Theater dedicated its tour to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence.

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