A dairy complex in the Kazalinsk district is set to deliver products abroad. Enterprise is believed to be the best in the CIS region, according to the Economic Council. The largest dairy farm opened in the south of Kazakhstan as part of the first five-year plan of the industrialisation. At present, it has more than 1,500 cows and 220 purebred calves. The complex includes a powerful dairy which is producing over 20 kinds of products. Every day, up to 30 tons of agricultural products are delivered to the Aktobe, Mangystau, Atyrau and Almaty regions. UHT milk technology has been introduced in the plant for the first time in the history of the region.  Enterprise also produces the Dutch cheese.



We plan to increase the breeding stock of cattle. Now we have 500 cows. To expand the export potential, it is necessary to increase their number and we are able to. Milking plant designed for 1,200 cows is operating well. We are planning to expand our production and already prepared business plan, sketches and drawings.

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