Villages will be provided with access to the Internet, the number of public services provided by the State Corporation ‘Government for citizens’and e-government portal will grow and the quality of television broadcast will be improved. These statements were made at the board meeting of the Ministry of Information and Communications. The Ministry summed up the results of 9-month long work. The number of Internet users has grown over this time: 73% of the country’s population has the access to the Web. The settlements with the population of about 10,000 people were connected to 3G mobile data and 4G works in areas with 50,000 residents.



A new generation of communications infrastructure will be created in 1,300 settlements. It will provide rural schools, hospitals, post offices and various government agencies and public institutions with high speed internet connection. Satellite television Otau TV covers 100% of the country’s territory. The number of Otau TV subscribers amounted to 1 million 200 thousand people on October 1.  


The board meeting participants discussed amendments to the legislation on information and communications. Minister Dauren Abayev instructed the Deputy Minister to discuss this project with the population. The project will be submitted to Mazhilis in the first half of 2017 according to the plan. If the amendments are adopted then bloggers will acquire a new status. Internet users will be able to register as a network edition. It is also planned to expand the list of advertised goods and services and reduce legal burden on the media.

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