The population of the South Kazakhstan region has grown almost by 1 million over 25 years of independence and is now about 3 million people. Some 402,000 jobs have been created during this time, 568 schools and kindregartens have been constructed for children over the quarter of the century. Construction of 67 facilities will be completed by the end of the year.


The region's economy has grown by threefold over the last 5 years. In total 11 industrial zones have been created to date.



The emphasis is on the industry because it is the engine if the economy. When we create 1 job in the industrial sphere it multiplies by 5 or 8 in such spheres as logistics, delivery and service.


20% from the 166 enterprises launched as part of the Industrialization Map have been created with participation of the foreign capital. The South Kazakhstan region together with Turkey manufactures carpets that are exported to Europe. Deep-well pumps are manufactured at Kazakh-German joint enterprise. Iranians are building a meat processing plant and a greenhouse complex. China's investments helped to launch the construction of a camel milk processing plant. South Korean investors invest in food industry, engineering and pharmaceuticals.

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