A new bronze bust of the Kazakh writer, poet and enlightener Abai appeared in France. Opening ceremony took place in Rennes to celebrate the millennial anniversary of Almaty.


Almaty and Rennes began sister cities 25 years ago.



Cooperation between Almaty and Rennes will only grow stronger from year to year. Rennes is the center of a French agglomeration like Kazakhstan’s Almaty. It is a city for youth with 38 higher education institutions. We will expand our economic and cultural ties. I believe that today’s event will make our people closer. French people will learn more about Kazakh culture, language and traditions.



I am pleased to participate in the celebration of millennial anniversary of Almaty and witness the opening of a bust of the great writer, philosopher and moralist, a pillar of the Kazakh national identity, Abai. The French poet Louis Aragon was struck by the grandeur of the Kazakh educator, considering his heritage one of the most prominent in the 19th century. The memory of Abai will last forever in the architectural landscape of the city. We discussed cooperation in the food industry, digital and tourism sector, as well as culture and education sphere with the delegation of the mayor's office of Almaty.


During the bilateral meetings, mayors of two sister cities noted the similarity of many projects aimed at improving the appearance and ecology of the cities, transport, culture and education sectors. Later, Rennes residents were able to enjoy the creative legacy of Abai, listening to ‘Sazgen-saz’ orchestra and other well-known Kazakh artists.

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