Many different enterprises have been launched in the Karaganda region over 25 years of independence. After many years the region was replenished by new deposits, more and more metal had been extracted Zhezkazgan copper smelting plant and Temirtau steel mill are being modernized. More than 70 new enterprises have been launched as part of the industrialization map. Small and medium businesses are developing as well. Residents use metal to produce various things from bottle caps to oil derricks.



There are new industries that have never existed before. I would like to provide the brightest example – our pharmaceutical complex


The peasants of the most urbanized region actively explore new acreage and introduce modern technologies such as drip irrigation. Now people can buy domestic milk, meat, potatoes, eggs, and even citrus fruits. The volume of agricultural production has increased 26-fold in 25 years.



In the future we plan to conduct selective breeding for dairy and meat products. We plan to sell the fermented mare’s milk in future too given the number of horses. It is beneficial.


37 new schools, 40 kindergartens and several sport venues have been built in the region during the years of independence, as well as over 6 million square meters of housing. The new perinatal and cardiology centers were opened during the two decades and a children's Hospital will be opened next year.

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