More than 200 events dedicated to 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence will be held across the country this year. According to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the culmination of the festivities is expected in December. The Kazakh President will attend the solemn meeting and final concert featuring popular Kazakh artists. A release of the 10-series historical film ‘Kazak Eli’ is expected as part of the celebrations.



We want to demonstrate our performing arts, which have been continuously developing in the past 25 years reached. Therefore, our and foreign artists as well as graduates of the Bolashak program will perform at the final concert. Our well-known musicians will be also involved. We are planning to invite them. Tickets and invitations will soon become available for all of the planned events.


Festivities are held across Kazakhstan marking the 25th anniversary of the country’s independence. On Friday, Zhambyl region dombra players staged a flash mob, where than a hundred musicians performed a famous musical arrangement kui by legendary composer Kurmangazy. The campaign was picked up by poets and theater actors who presented new performances to the local audience. The best fictional and documental films made by Kazakhfilm were shown on an outdoor screen. Photo and book exhibitions have been opened talking about the history of the Kazakh Khanate and Kazakhstan’s Independence. On Friday, a special atmosphere was created by ‘Game of the Great Steppe’ competitions in national sports. 

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