A UK resident promotes a positive image of Kazakhstan. He does it voluntarily, simply because he likes the country. Simon Hildik became interested in Kazakhstan 4 years ago when his countryman Stuart Duff started playing for "Kairat" football club. Simon is a devoted fan of the Kazakh sports since then. He has already visited Kazakhstan four times and brought home a lot of vivid impressions and souvenirs such as tracksuits of the favorite football team players, scarves, mugs, skullcaps. Simon shares his impressions about Kazakhstan via popular social networks. He has hundreds of followers in the United States, Spain, Italy, Peru and Turkey, who, thanks to Simon, became interested in Kazakhstan. Simon thinks Kazakhstan is very hospitable. He believes that the Kazakhs and the British have a lot in common.



There is many people from different ethnic backgrounds living together in peace and harmony in Kazakhstan and also in the United Kingdom. Also a lot of tea with milk is also the same in Kazakhstan is common for people to drink.


Simon’s children are also interested in Kazakhstan. Almost the first words were the names of Kazakh players. As Simon recognizes, he also wants to learn the language of the great Abay.


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