One of the major achievements over the 25 years of Kazakhstan's independence is the election of the country to the UN Security Council. This fact was noted by many politicians and experts. According to Russian diplomats, Kazakhstan has received great trust of the international community and a great privilege with the inclusion as a non-permanent member of the organization.



The quintessence - climax of Kazakhstan's role is that you have been elected in the UN Security Council. This is great confidence of the international community; it is a huge responsibility and a great privilege. We are more than confident that Kazakhstan will be able to carry out their responsibilities in the Security Council with dignity. Russia and Kazakhstan are bound by ties of strategic partnership in all fields - political, economic, and cultural. We appreciate your country’s initiatives and the active role on the international arena. For instance, Kazakhstan’s initiative on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, International Day against Nuclear Tests – all these are your merits. Thanks to President Nursultan Nazarbayev, we support and continue the initiative of the Day free from nuclear explosions. Let's look deeper - an inter-religious, inter-cultural dialogue, energy security component - all this is where Kazakhstan plays a very positive role.

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