One million tourists from China are expected to visit Kazakhstan next year. The average cost of all inclusive week –long tour is slightly more than $300. Active preparations of the tourism sector for reception of foreign guests have already started. The contracts are being concluded with hotels, restaurants and professional guides who are fluent in Chinese language. The prospects of attracting tourists were discussed at the Kazakh-Chinese tourism Forum in Astana. Kazakhstani businessmen pointed out that the companies, which previously were engaged in domestic tourism are ready to shift to work with foreigners. Moreover, there are more foreigners coming after the conclusion of the Agreement on facilitation of tourist group trips of Chinese residents in Kazakhstan.  



Business sector begins to wake up, which means that travel agencies who worked on sending tourists abroad now redirect all the work at the reception them. I think we will not focus only on the Chinese market; there are also such potential markets as Russia, Iran and India; we will also attract tourists from there and will adapt to other markets.





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