Brand new coats made in Southern Kazakhstan will appear in shops in October in Kazakhstan. German designers will assist in the sales of the first collection as part of ‘Senior Experten Service’ program. According to manufacturers, new coats will represent a mix of classical and traditional style. Moreover, domestic coats will be 20-30% cheaper than imported ones. 200 people are employed at the factory. They can sew up to 300 products at night. Also, it’s planned to expand the number of male and female costumes. The company exports men’s clothing to China. It’s the only company in the Southern Kazakhstan which is specialized in the production of men’s classic suits. They are also going to sew female suits.



The company has a great future. There is very knowledgeable staff that sews very high-quality clothing. We are developing 10 models of outer clothing for women. They are short and long coats. 

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