Nazarbayev paid working visit to Almaty region. In Taldykorgan, the President was welcomed in renovated airport. The runway was repaired and now, the airport can receive aircrafts of any class. This is just one indicator of economic development of the region. It is planned to increase the number of jobs and yield a rich harvest. According to preliminary data, about 240,000 tons of crops will be harvested, which is two times larger than a year before. According to the President, the forthcoming harvesting is encouraging. Almost 7,000 hectares of sugar beet have been planted only in Almaty region. The state supports the farms and provides with high-quality seeds, subsidizes fertilizers, herbicides and fuel. More than a billion tenge was allocated for the purchase of new equipment this year.



The state will subsidize the productivity and its cost. The state subsidizes the finished products but not hectares as before which means you will have a different price for produced sugar than for the raw material. We try to make people wealthy.


Sugar production has a strategic importance in Kazakhstan. Therefore the country has the special development plan. The farmers obtained a guaranteed sales market after the launch of Koksu plant for the production of sugar and modernization of two other plants. Moreover, there is a high purchase price for sweet root per kilogram. This year, a good harvest of soybean, corn and oilseeds is expected as well. Almaty region is the only region that grows and produces soybeans. This crop covers not only domestic needs, but also gets exported to Russian, Uzbekistan and Chinese markets. Iran, Serbia and Central Asian countries will become our partners in the short term.



We are developing the cooperation. Why do your plants operate at 40% capacity? Because the animals are raised in family farms and, there is no one to bring them in meat packing plant. I want the existing meat processing plants to be loaded to full capacity.


Industrialization is another important area. Nursultan Nazarbayev personally inspected the progress of the construction of Tekeli mining and processing complex. It will extract and process iron ore to obtain cast iron using innovative technologies. Moreover, during his working trip, the President visited the new multi-profile hospital in Taldykorgan, the Palace of Schoolchildren and Youth Services Center, as well as the park ‘Zhastar’.

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