Over 350,000 Kazakhstan citizens stand in the queue for housing, the Mazhilis Member Nurtay Sabilyanov said at the Governmental hour in Mazhilis. The Minister of National Economy Kuandyk Bishimbayev reported on the key indicators in the country and the implementation of ‘Nurly zhol’ state program. Last year, over 700 billion tenge was allocated for housing construction in the country. Another 422 billion tenge was invested in the first half of 2016. However, according to Mazhilis Members, the problem of housing will not be solved so quickly. The distribution of money between the program operators caused questions. The Minister assured that the launch of the new program ‘Nurly Zher’ will relieve the budget by attracting about 10 tenge of private investment for every 1 tenge of budgetary funds in housing construction.



‘Nurly Zher’ program will fully reflect the housing issues such as the issues of mortgage lending, provision of private housing and, the issues of rental housing, as well as loaned depositors of ‘Construction Savings Bank’ and the most vulnerable segments of the population.




Photo: thenews.kz

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