Karaganda pure metals factory is recognized as the best in the republican competition of "green" innovations ‘Online Expo-2017’. More than 600 projects from across Kazakhstan competed in the contest. The enterprise from Karaganda became the best in the category of " Increasing energy efficiency". The plant will produce metallurgical silicon. At the same time the cost of its production was reduced significantly. A new nanostructured carbon material – Rexil was created using the new technologies. This is an analogue to charcoal. The first line of the plant is already operating in test mode. The company plans to receive 2 tons of silicon and 3 tons of rexil.    



When rexil is manufactured and power is generated, there is 10 times less emissions in the environment per 1 megawatt of electricity than any power plant. To generate electricity we burn synthesis gas instead of coal, which is obtained in the production of rexil. Composition of the exhaust gases and emissions is completely different, and there is no emission of ash. Therefore, there is practically no waste. 




Photo: www.kenzher.kz

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