Almaty is preparing to celebrate its millennium. Special events will take place in the metropolis to mark the significant date. These images depict Almaty in the last century. It is clear that Almaty has quite an unusual architecture. Surprisingly cozy the city is full of lush green trees. And this is one of the first photos taken here even earlier in 1887. Meanwhile, archaeological findings will help one to learn the history of the city even better.



The Pyramids serve as evidence for such ancient cities as Baghdad or Cairo. There are some things that we can look at and touch. Almaty lacks such specific sources. We rely on the ancient excavations and artifacts that were found. For example coins and various utensils.


Today, Almaty is the financial and economic, scientific, educational, industrial and cultural center with a rich history. The countdown used to start from the founding of Fort Verny but archaeologists have proved that the first settlements appeared here long before and Almaty has existed for more than 1,000 years. It has been affected by a devastating earthquake and changed its name three times. Although many residents are not interested in the age of the city of Almaty, everyone aspires to know the true history of the beloved city.


The main argument of historians in favor of Almaty’s millennium history is a coin that says ‘Balad Almaty’. The coin dates back to the 13th century, meaning that even in those times there was a mint and a monetary system.

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