On the eve of new TV season ‘Khabar’ Agency launched a large-scale transformation. As reported at a briefing by Chairman of the Board Alma Akhmetzhanova, a lot of work has been done on improving the broadcast policy within the framework of the development strategy 2020. As a result, there are new tasks for ‘Khabar’, ‘Khabar 24’, ‘Bilim zhane Madeniet and ‘Kazakh TV’.



First of all, it is necessary to broadcast fast and to inform about the events both in the country and in the world, and to become a platform for discussing pressing issues of interest to all Kazakhstan society. We want to produce TV content that encourages self-education for intellectual development. Due to changes in each channel of our group, it will occupy its specific genre niche.


One of the results of the transformation was the merger of the national satellite channel ‘Kazakh TV’ and the cultural and educational channel ‘Bilim zhane Madeniet’. They will become single name from October 25 as ‘Kazakh TV’. This decision was caused because of the similar content. The two channels are focused on the culture, traditions and history of Kazakhstan.



The channel will have the image of an educational format. In fact, there will be two branches, which will be broadcast in Kazakhstan and abroad.  With this regard, the internal broadcast will have the unified content. This content will be ‘Bilim zhane Madeniet’, which has cultural orientation. Also, it will be complemented by the Kazakh TV projects which are similar in nature.


For ‘Khabar’ the fall will be marked by the launch of new TV projects. The new programs will be of social character and are going to be special projects for the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence, entertainment shows and soap operas.



The main premiere of the year is the premiere of the international dance show ‘Bile, Kazakhstan’. This project was implemented in 44 countries. Even in the U.S. this program received the ‘Emmy’ award.  The main objective of the project is identification of talents involved in the dance art. We have no restrictions. Representatives of classical and contemporary dance art can take part in it.


The ‘24KZ’ TV news channel underwent a rebranding. Now it is called ‘Khabar 24’ and reflects direct affiliation to the TV network. According to management, the number of news and live broadcasts will be increased. Also it is planned to include analytical programs and documentaries about the life in the regions.





Photo: m.khabar.kz

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