101 countries will take part in the International Expo that is to be held in Astana in 2017 as announced by Commissioner of the Exhibition Rapil Zhoshybayev. The Dominican Republic was one of the last who countries who confirmed bids. As of today, contracts have been signed with 68 countries and 87 states have appointed their commissioners. In addition, 18 international organizations intend to take part in Expo. International pavilions will put be into operation in October, and participating countries will be able to proceed with their registration. Exhibition Secretary General Vicente Loscertales will arrive in Astana this Monday with the inspection. 



Kazakhstan has been actively engaged in attraction of international participants over the past two years, has been negotiating with the countries, leaders in the sphere of renewable and alternative energy sources  and developing countries inviting them to take part in our exhibition. The further activities will be focused on the interaction with the commissioners of the national sections of organizations, coordination of organizational and protocol work for the major international events and high-level visits.

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