Students will be taught the basics of entrepreneurship. This was announced in Astana at a roundtable on the development of education. According to Deputy Chairman of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken Murat Abenov, this is a worldwide practice. In Denmark and in Nordic countries, students learn the basics of business and intricacies of running own business. There is a compulsory part of the secondary education. It should be noted that the initiative of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and, in 2019 this discipline would be included in the national school curriculum.



We are planning to introduce an additional direction for the business in schools. But they need to be engaged at all levels, including family, preschool and school. The majority of issues will be cross-cutting and, will be taught in other disciplines like drawing, history and geography. We must say about our opportunities for the development of the economy and, what we had done. Even, in literature, students will be familiarized with the money, how they have been earned and how family business has evolved.


Roundtable participants also noted that nowadays the educational programs were needed in a competent approach. According to them, the students should receive not just a set of information, but also certain skills that would be useful to them in life. Former Minister of Education of Israel Shai Piron agreed. According to him, the educational reforms in Kazakhstan will allow modern children to adapt to current conditions. But it is important to consider some nuances.



First of all, less is more. Don’t think about lots of reforms; think about one or two, not more. What is the issue, and do only this reform. Second, give lots of time, first of all, to build reform, to right vision then to give the issues to all the people. Don’t do it faster because the reform of education must be slowly. And third, make only simple reform. Something that everybody understands, everybody can go, not something from other place. You must to build a reform from one side identity, traditional from this side liberal and equal.


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