Some regulations of work of the Mazhilis members have been amended. It was approved at the first plenary meeting of the new session. It used to be that after the end of the debate, MPs could express their opinion only with the consent of the majority, now such a statement have to be necessarily provided on behalf of the party factions or a deputy group. At this time, MPs had to discuss 10 issues and take in the development five bills. One the most relevant is issue on countering extremism and terrorism. 



Specific tightening of responsibility is envisaged in the bill, amendments are made in the Criminal Code in particular, and all these issues we will discuss together with representatives of the public and with the state authorities. Therefore, we, once again, here want to provide a very broad public participation in the preparation of this bill, so that it is not the law, which has been prepared only by MPs and relevant government authorities.


The Mazhilis focuses on transparency. The meetings are now broadcast online. Any citizen of the country can see what MPs are discussing, and see exactly how discussions took place. Meanwhile, the work of the Parliament, as well as Government, should be open as well as comprehensive. Therefore, at the meeting proposals were made to change the format of explanatory meetings with the population.



In my opinion, it is necessary to change the awareness raising format. I think we can explain to everyone taking into account the resources available to the executive bodies of state power, as well as MPs of all levels. And we, the members of the Mazhilis are always ready to participate in this work together with people.


Also at the meeting, Minister of Health and Social Development Tamara Duissenova presented a bill on mutual recognition of privileges and guarantees by the different countries to participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War.


MPs also focus on a law that concerns every citizen of Kazakhstan - a draft law ‘On Road Traffic’. The law will be widely discussed in the Mazhilis. The MPs propose 60 amendments to the law, 15 of them were considered at this meeting.

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