Archaeologists found encampment of ancient people in the foothills of the Karatau mountain range. More than 400 artifacts preserved there. As researchers found out, the cave was inhabited for many centuries. People not only lived in it, but also used it as a workshop where they worked with iron ore and smelted it. The top layer was full of glazed ceramics. Utensils of Timurid period and the late middle Ages were also discovered. Archaeologists have also found shards from larger vessels of early middle Ages. Parts of stoves were found under the rubble. They age at about two and a half thousand years. Archaeologists believe that they will manage to get to the Stone Age. They plan to explore the cave for five years.



In the next 5 years, we shall disclose completely this cave and we hope that possibly in the lower horizons, we will reach the Stone Age, when people first settled in Karatau and populated Kazakhstan. And now this time is estimated somewhere in the millions of years, and if we find some bone remains, then study on human anthropogenesis will be conducted.

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