A joint meeting of both the upper – Senate and lower house - Mazhilis of the parliament opened the second session of the sixth convocation. President Nursultan Nazarbayev participated in the meeting to outline the main priorities in the Parliament’s work and set new goals. This year, the Mazhilis and Senate members will have to discuss and adopt nearly 50 bills. The President stressed that the laws shall be written in an adequate way. Legal documents shall be available and should be clear for the public. Meanwhile, the national security will be one of the first topics to be considered in detail. A relevant draft law should be submitted to the Parliament as soon as possible.



I instructed to develop and introduce seven draft laws on combating extremism and terrorism, as well as the ones concerning counterintelligence, dactyloscopic and genomic registration, probation and strengthening of information security. We need to introduce these laws. The most important thing is to maintain security and stability in society. I am asking MPs to take this task very seriously.


The President made instructions to carry out works on the issues concerning amendments to the Land Code. The Head of State said that the document would be directed to the Parliament that collected and sorted all the proposals of the Commission members.



We are working on attracting investment in agriculture all over the world. Our state also wanted to attract more investment to raise the level and quality of agriculture. But if the work began from the explanations, then on legislative field, the situation would have been different probably. These aspects should be taken into account at working on the draft law regulations in the agricultural sector.


MPs also have to discuss the republican budget for 2017-2019. The President instructed to maintain the volume of expenditure on state-guaranteed social package.



The implementation of the anti-crisis plan of the Government and the National Bank will continue, it will be supplemented by new measures in a timely manner. An extended meeting of the Government will be held in the first decade of this month, where I will propose new measures to support employment and increase incomes, that is, new means to let the economy breathe and develop, so our banks began lending straightaway, and opportunities expanded.


The meetings of the Senate and Mazhilis will be broadcast online on the websites of both houses.

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