Kazakhstan is studying Canadian experience in the field of public administration. A conference on the application of the Canadian model of public administration, economic and social development was held in Astana in the Library of the First President. The participants exchanged their opinions in the area of ​​ civil service improvement. Experts pointed out that nowadays Canada is one of the most socially-oriented countries in the world. All state mechanisms in the service provision are integrated to the maximum in this country - not only public service centers but also online and hotline services. According to experts, it is important to develop this area in Kazakhstan as well. This approach can significantly reduce the burden on the public service centers.  



The Canadian government’s policy is based on the will of the people. Before doing something, they ask people’s opinion through public polls. They conduct a public opinion poll “Citizens First” every 2-3 years in which they learn if people are satisfied with the policy as well as the quality of public services.

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