Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the opening ceremony of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography in Astana. This is the first institution of higher education of the kind in the whole Central Asian region. Talented young people from different countries will be able to study at this institution as well as the Kazakhstan citizens. Students with the basics of ballet will be trained up to master and doctoral degrees. According to the President, educational and residential buildings that are equipped with all the choreographic requirements are built entirely by sponsors.



I am convinced that the Kazakhstan Academy of Choreography will be one of the leading centers for ballet and dancing masters in the whole region of Eurasia. It will prepare experts in the field of directing, staging, art management, arts and stage design – as all these specialties will be taught at the institution. Therefore, I believe that the Academy has a great future and, you’ve got a great future. And I congratulate you once again!



The Head of State has visited the school lyceum No. 84 in Astana. The President talked to the teachers and, visited class rooms. Students will have two shifts, in the Kazakh and Russian languages. There is a spacious library, assembly and sports halls, as well as a football, basketball and volleyball fields. As Nursultan Nazarbayev said during the independence years, the state undertook numerous efforts for the development of education and the creation of appropriate infrastructure.



Over the years, more than 1,700 schools, including intellectual ones were opened all over the country. In the current year, it is planned to put into operation 60 new schools. All these steps are being taken for the younger generation for prosperity and confidence of the future of our country. This school was built according to our agreement with Sheikh Khalifa at his own expense for which I express my gratitude to him.



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