Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated Kazakhstanis on the Day of Constitution. The President noted that thanks to the standards of the Basic Law, deep reforms have been implemented that provide strong economic growth, boosting the welfare of the population, the growth of the reputation of the country on the international arena. As Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed the values enshrined in the Constitution of Kazakhstan ​​are reflected in the Patriot Act ‘Mangilik Yel’. Kazkah President wished all Kazakhstanis prosperity, noting that the joint efforts of the society and the state are directed at full development of the potential of the Constitution.


On August 30, Kazakhstanis celebrate one of the most important holidays - the Day of Constitution. The current Constitution was adopted at the nationwide referendum on August 30 in 1995. The document reflects the will of the people of Kazakhstan, and their desire for the approval of the country as a democratic, secular, legal and social state, which highest values are an individual, his life, rights and freedom. Today, festivities were held across the country.  

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