Since September 1, the state language can be studied via Skype in Kazakhstan. The courses are designed for beginners. They will help users overcome the language barrier and learn to speak fluently and correctly especially the key words and phrases. online source that designed to fill documents in the Kazakh language will be launched on the same day. Director of the Fund on development of the state language told about the directions of project. According to Azat Shaueev, the project is gaining momentum. More than 45 thousand users are training Kazakh language due to launched project, another 15 thousand are training through mobile application. The version for children is also developed. For the last two years, the website was visited by over a million people not only from Kazakhstan, but also from the CIS countries, the U.S., Germany, Great Britain, India and Sudan. Mainly, the visitors are aged from 20 to 30. It’s planned to develop version for foreign citizens.


Azat SHAUEEV, DIRECTOR OF STATE LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT FUND: is created for Russian speaking audience. I wanted to make English as a working language of the version and use Kazakh language in Latin alphabet, because all foreign citizens and our 5 million compatriots who live abroad ask us to change it to Latin alphabet. We will try to implement it next year, towards EXPO-2017.


Photo: казправда

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