Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated the champions of and winners of the Olympic Games that returned from Rio de Janeiro. Kazakhstan took 22nd place with 17 medals among 270 countries. This is the first time from the sovereign history of the country. As Head of State noted, the winners of the Games not only met the expectations of partners and fans, but also confirmed the country’s bar. President handed Orders of second degree ‘Barys’, ‘Parasat’ and ‘Kurmet’ to the champions and winners.




Dear Olympians, on behalf of all Kazakhstan citizens, I thank all those who helped to forge the country’s Olympic victory. First of all, it concerns the coaching staff, the national team, relatives and friends of our Olympians. I am grateful to all our athletes for showing the will in a fair fight in Olympic glory. I am convinced that even participation in the recent games is the future gold, silver and bronze tops of future world champions at the Olympics.




This is your victory, this is your merit, because you are doing everything to reach the highest athletic performance. I wish with all my heart to say thank you for having fulfilled my dream, to hear the national anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan standing on the Olympic podium. We all felt the support of all of you and Kazakhstan at the Olympics. And it helped us. Thank you! Go forward, Kazakhstan!


Since the Olympic Games in 1992, Kazakh athletes won 69 medals for the country’s various merits. According to the President, this is the result of hard and exhausting work of the athletes and the coaching staff, but also the result of care of the state and creating of conditions for the development of sports.



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