Vegetables that are grown with the use of ‘green’ technologies are mature faster, experienced people in several villages of Akmola region. Within the framework of pilot project of the United Nations Development Program villagers are actively using drip irrigation, hydrogel, agricultural fiber and many other developments that not only save electricity and water, but also increase their yield in their gardens and orchards. According to a local resident of the village of Volgodonovka Alexander Zhigalo, the use of the green technologies enables it to significantly reduce costs.




It saves water a lot. Drip irrigation means to unroll tape and drop watering under every bush. If a hose is used, the water flows by fits and starts. Agricultural fiber does a great thing, because there are no weeds. Cucumber is cut through and can grow. You don’t need to weed out anything.


Totally, 100 families were supported within the framework of the project. According to the managers of the saving technologies program, not all villagers are ready to use ‘green’ developments in their areas. There were appointed so called ‘green’ captains, leaders who help villagers to evaluate in practice the benefits of new technologies in each district.




I am a ‘green’ captain of this village. I tell people about the benefits of ‘green’ technologies. Earlier we used up to 5 tons of water, now we use only 3 due to ‘green’ technologies. The yield is significantly increased and, benefits are obvious. The main aim is to bring it to the villagers, because some of them perceive new things with a grain of salt. Therefore, we, the captains of ‘green’ technologies, help residents with the introduction of these developments from calculations till the installation. 



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