More than 14 thousand school graduates who failed to pass the threshold score at the Unified University Admission Testing, have the opportunity to retake the tests. But they will not be able to claim for grants. The second phase of the UNT has already begun. It is being held on the basis of 37 universities of the country.



Of course, we will try to pass the exam successfully. Nowadays, people need education.



The most important is that my daughter passed the tests successfully. Then, of course we will support her. After all, everything we do is done for our children.


Generally, more than 50 thousand applications were filed to participate in the testing, including students who are transfering from foreign universities. The results of the UNT will be available on the website of the national testing center. The country's main testing will undergo changes in 2017. Only school graduates who wish to enter the university will pass Unified University Admission Testing.

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