Breakthrough agricultural technologies in horticulture are applied in the village of Turgen in Almaty region. Thanks to the innovations that have introduced a few years ago, farmers get 20 kilograms of apples from a tree. Large investments are required to establish such a garden.



Investments in one hectare at the start total about $30,000, because there is a close planting. 3,000 seedlings planted on one hectare. And when we used old technologies, we planted only 200-300 seedlings. But the harvest is much more. For the fifth year, this garden is already becoming profitable.


The garden is being grown for only three years, and the current crop already pays for current expenditure on irrigation and fertilizers. Such trees bear fruits for are at least 20 years, giving nearly 100 tons of apples per hectare. The company, which has laid the garden on nine hectares, was one of the first to experience the new technology.



Even every branch is precious for me. They were so small when we planted them, and already see the fruits today. We gain experience, compare and consult with others. But our garden is good. We were everywhere - in China, in Turkey. They say Almaty, Kazakhstan is the country of apples. And now we are trying to revive this industry.


17 varieties grow in the test area. Drip irrigation saves water and natural fertilizers ensure environmental cleanliness of apples. Trees are fed up with pure humus of their own production. To do this, the farm was established with Californian red worms. They turn manure into clean and safe fertilizer. Now gardeners teach new technologies to other farmers in the hope that in the future the famous gardens of Almaty will revive again.


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