Annual August meeting was held in Astana, which brought together teachers from all over the Kazakhstan. It was the biggest in history, because almost 2,000 people were involved in plenary sessions through the online broadcast. Deputy Prime Minister Dariga Nazarbayeva talked about improving the efficiency of education in the speech. And, Minister of Education Erlan Sagadiyev told colleagues about the forthcoming reforms. Renewal of education systems will implement from the first of September. They shared experiences who have already tried out ‘transform education’ at the Conference.



93% of the students showed a high level of knowledge. That makes us very happy. And, I would like to say that it was not so spontaneously and quickly. Our teachers have been trained in the training center of Nazarbayev Intellectual School. A lot of work has been carried out.


The August meeting of this year was also a platform for summing subtotals. For last 25 years, the most daring experiments were carried out in the education system. But the main thing we have built almost 1,500 new schools, 450 kindergartens and, more than 2,000 private institutions of pre-school education. Nowadays, there are about 3 million students and 350,000 teachers in the country.

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