Kazakhstan and U.S.: prospects on security cooperation - Kazakh TV

Kazakhstan and the United States have big prospects for Security Cooperation, Sarah SewallU.S. Undersecretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights told Kazakh TV in an exclusive interview. According to her, Kazakhstan and the United States attach great importance to the fight and prevention of terrorism and violence. These efforts may become fertile ground for deepening cooperation in the security sphere.




Both of our nations face the challenge of terrorist fighters that wish to go abroad and fight, also we both have experience in the use of violence on our own soil. We have a common interest in learning how best to apprehend and punish those that commit such acts, but equally important Kazakhstan’s government commitment to prevention. And here I think is a very important commitment of government, to help those who are troubled and vulnerable and seek to help to sway them from the path of violence. This is an area that United States is investing a lot of effort in at home, and I think we can continue sharing our experience and exchange best practices.


Photo: www.trend.az

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